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We at SunBD offer secure and advanced accounting taxation consultancy services. We are your world-class source for accounting, payroll services, quarterly reports, and financial business consultancy in Dhaka, Bangladesh, in addition to bookkeeping. We're here to help your company flourish in all of its financial pursuits, and we can help you keep your books straight throughout tax season and throughout the year. By maintaining proper and full paperwork, we will meet the regulatory requirements of the Accounting and the National Board of Revenue Authority (NBR). We'll also provide value-added services ranging from the basic to the sophisticated, as well as creative solutions to any problem. For your business, this translates to lower costs, more production, and increased profits with less effort.

Learn The Secret Behind Our Accounting Success

Accounting Services Corporate compliance plays a role in maintaining and regulating these numerous businesses. It is critical to keep the company's compliance; otherwise, the authorities will issue a penalty, which, in most circumstances, will be more expensive than your taxes alone. The following are just a few of the accounting services we offer:

  • 1. Accounting services, full or partial (i.e. monthly, quarterly, semiannual, or annual). Auditing, taxing, and filing of annual returns are all included in the annual package.
  • 2. Prepare and submit annual Goods and Service Tax reports, as well as annual Estimated Tax Returns.
  • 3. Construct a cash flow statement.
  • 4. Chargeable Income, as well as other relevant taxes.
  • 5. Prepare financial statements and audit schedules.
  • 6. Make your financial statements, such as the Trial Balance, Profit and Loss Statement, and Balance Sheet, easily accessible.
  • 7. Accounting and financial management assistance from a professional.
  • 8. Make sure everyone is aware of the company's financial situation.

Allow us to serve as your accountant and/or tax agent so you can focus on running your business while knowing that the back office work is being taken care of.

Our Accounting Taxation Consultancy Services Fulfill Your Needs

SunBangla assists businesses in dealing with the accounting and tax implications of large, complicated projects. Our global team of consultants has expertise in accounting and tax rules, as well as hands-on experience in providing practical answers to complicated challenges, whether it's expanding into new markets or restructuring operations and structures. SunBangla's Accounting & Tax Consultancy team helps organizations all over the world deal with the most difficult aspects of huge projects. ERP localization, tax consultancy, and finance transformation are all services we can provide. With knowledge of local and international norms, regulations, and standards, we can provide ad hoc accounting support. Businesses rely on reliable and meaningful financial data to preserve profitability and capitalize on new opportunities, from start-ups to established corporations. Accountants & Tax Consultants can assist you in achieving these objectives by keeping correct records and reporting, as well as advising you on financial matters such as initial accounting system setup, tax planning, cost-cutting, investments, and employee benefit and profit-sharing schemes.

Core Activities Of Our Professional Accounting Taxation Services

Running your own company can be thrilling, but the behind-the-scenes effort can be exhausting. Allow us to assist you with keeping track of your inventory or fixed assets, maintaining your books and records, and preparing financial reports, all of which are necessary but divert your attention away from your core revenue-generating operations.

  • 1. Tax Management Services
  • 2. Assurance and Advisory Services
  • 3. Estate and Trust Planning and Tax Preparation
  • 4. Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting
  • 5. Bookkeeping/Write-up
  • 6. Payroll Services
  • 7. Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis
  • 8. Business Valuation
  • 9. Debt and Finance Advising
  • 10. Audits, Reviews, and Compilation
  • 11. Financial and Retirement Planning
  • 12. QuickBooks Accounting Help and Assistance
  • 13. Entity Selection and Restructuring
  • 14. Employee Benefits, Pension, and Profit-Sharing Plans
  • 15. Financial Projections and Forecasts
  • 16. Mergers, Acquisitions, and Sales
  • 17. International Taxation
  • 18. Professional company Secretary

Make A Perfect Future Plan With Our Accounting Taxation Services

Individuals and corporations in a variety of industries rely on our accountants and tax consultants for a variety of services. In an ever-changing financial and regulatory climate, we at Accountants & Tax Consultants try to fulfill each client's unique needs in planning for the future and attaining their objectives. Our key services include the following:

As a SunBangla employee, we want you to show ambition and a strong drive to achieve. We want you to perform the following in whatever you do:

  • 1. Concentrate all of your efforts on quality.
  • 2. Never put up with mediocrity.

You will not be able to accomplish this aim on your own. As a result, you must channel your energy, bravery, boldness, and courage towards acquiring people, experience, information, and ideas (colleagues and clients) in order to assist, develop, and inspire one another.

As a SunBangla contributor, you must demonstrate that you are really interested in other people's perspectives and that you are open and honest. We want you to do the following in whatever you do:<p>

  • 1. Trying to become a better communicator,
  • 2. Constructive criticism is given and received.
  • 3. Is it trustworthy and transparent?

This is only possible if you demonstrate that you listen to others, are sincere, and predictable, and that you value quality as a critical component of our firm, thereby exposing their own errors.

As a SunBangla employee, you must have a strong desire to collaborate and the ability to practically produce value through cooperation. We want you to do the following in whatever you do:

  • Share what you know, what you've learned
  • Take time to listen, assist, and support one another.
  • Create possibilities for your coworkers and clients.

As a result, you will be required to both encourage and challenge other colleagues, while also demonstrating empathy, trust, respect, and a willingness to share the workload.

As a SunBangla contributor, you should demonstrate your entrepreneurial mentality and strong desire to be commercial. We want you to do the following in whatever you do:

  • Is both tough and novel.
  • Make good use of your resources.
  • Taking care of both current and long-term objectives

This is only possible if you promote the entire SunBangla, therefore you must have a strong sense of business and unwavering support for all goods, services, and consultants.

Top 3 Reasons To Hire SunBD Accounting Taxation Consultancy

FAQs For Accounting Taxation Consultancy

1Why do I need a Tax Consultant if I already have an accountant?

Tax work necessitates the expertise of a tax specialist with extensive experience and knowledge. Accountants do not have up-to-date legal understanding and are unable to meet deadlines. We are here to assist you in finding a Tax Consultant.

2Can you manage my accounts as well?

Yes, an accountant's function is critical to a company's success, but a tax specialist takes the lead. Tax planning is essential for bookkeeping and financial management in any organization. As a result, we are here to provide you with both services at the same time.

3What services can you provide for me?

We offer services in the areas of tax, corporate, audits, accounting, initial public offerings (IPO), software, and learning courses.

4What kind of business registration is best for my company?

It's a well-known question! Sole proprietorship, partnership business firm, and private/public limited firms are the three categories of business registrations. The first selection is based on the number of partners, the financial situation of the company, and, last but not least, the industry requirements.

5What is the process that you use?

Depending on their personal and business needs, each of our clients' adventures with us will be unique. During a first appointment, this and other pertinent information can be shared.

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