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Our experts analyze county and federal civil settlements in locations where the applicant has been known to dwell for the preceding decade. We offer the most thorough civil court record searches and litigation background checks on the market, assisting companies in identifying candidates with potentially problematic or excessive civil records.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for public information on traffic matters, criminal cases in District Court and Circuit Court, criminal crimes in Family (Adult) Court, civil cases in District Court and Circuit Court, Land Court, Tax Appeal Court, and appellate cases.

Civil Court Records unearths essential details on applicants, vendors, and contractors. They give you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about who you want to work with at your company. Read on to find out more about our in-depth search of Civil Court Records.

Our Civil Court Record Searches Helps To Prevent Liability Risk

SunBD's civil searches are handled at the local county level and will assist an employer in determining whether the applicant has been sued by a prior employer or any other person or entity. Civil records may be useful in making hiring judgments. Civil records can reveal whether or if an employee has been involved in cases of wrongful termination, harassment, or breach of contract.

Be the first to have access to the country 's most comprehensive database of civil court records searches. The Supreme Court's case management system is accessible online. Cases can be found by searching by name or case number.

The Court of Appeals' case management system is accessible online. Online access to a nationwide search of criminal and traffic case information in district and circuit courts across the state.

Get The Top 5 Benefits Of Hiring SunBD For Court Record Search

Hiring someone with a violent or deceptive criminal history can put your staff and customers in danger, as well as expose your company to legal action. Making criminal background checks a requirement during the interview and recruiting process will increase the overall quality of your employees. Our experts offer direct court searches that are quick and easy to use while looking for prospective criminal convictions.

  • 1. Employees, consumers, and vendors are all at risk.
  • 2. Boost employee morale and output.
  • 3. Defend your assets against fraud and theft.
  • 4. Defend yourself against costly negligent hiring lawsuits.
  • 5. Maintain the good name of your company.

Increase The Overall Quality Of Your Hires With Our Record Search

Hiring qualified candidates can help your company succeed, enhance its brand, and increase profitability. By screening applicants for criminal records, you can improve the overall quality of your hires. Employers must exercise reasonable caution when hiring someone who may pose a harm to the public. Working with a professional background screening agency ensures that you receive accurate and complete criminal background information.

Ensure Employees Troubled Criminal Past With Our Record Searches

A bad hire can cost your company money in terms of lost resources, reputational damage, and lower employee morale. Conducting criminal background checks is the best insurance for making advantageous hires. Applicants give inaccurate information in their resumes or job applications far too frequently. Failure to do a thorough search prior to hiring exposes your organization to potential responsibility.

Get Efficient Civil Court Record Searches & Save Valuable Time

Comprehensive criminal background checks can help you avoid negative recruits that jeopardize your company's safety, security, and reputation. Global Verification Network helps business owners and hiring managers conduct extensive and rapid criminal record checks to guarantee that applicants fulfill your employment criteria.

FAQs For Civil Court Record Searches

1What does the term “court file” refer to?

The term "court file" refers to the court's official record, which includes all pleadings, exhibits, orders, and word-for-word evidence from the trial.

2Are records of juvenile matters open to public?

In most cases involving minors, all records are kept private. There are some exceptions. For example, the record of a juvenile case involving delinquent procedures, or any part of it, shall be available to the victim of a crime committed by such kid to the same degree as the record of a defendant in a criminal action in the normal criminal docket.

3How do I order a transcript of court hearing?

Written transcript requests for any court proceeding must be filed in writing to the Court Reporter's Office in the judicial district where the matter was heard. Orders sent via email will not be accepted. You do not, however, need to be concerned. since it will be taken care of by us.

4How do I get statistical information on civil court record searches?

Performance Management can provide statistical statistics on Superior Court cases. That is something we will aid you with.

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