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SunBangla's comprehensive criminal record checks, which include all possible county, state, and federal criminal records, assist businesses in identifying unsuitable candidates who have a history of risky criminal conduct. Through a combination of powerful solutions, resources, and technology, SunBangla makes it simple for you to make faster, more accurate, and safer recruiting decisions.

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Accurate Criminal Record Checks

Criminal background checks assist you in making an informed decision about your candidate. They ensure that people cannot hide their criminal histories and that they are not mistakenly linked to a criminal record that is not theirs. A candidate's criminal history can be discovered by searching national, federal, state, and county databases.

Maintaining Quality

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Our Criminal Record Checks Services Help To Safeguard Your Organization’s Reputation

SunBD's criminal history check can help you develop a trustworthy workforce while also reducing risk and safeguarding your company's brand. You can help yourself by conducting criminal record background checks during the employment process.

  • 1. Employ qualified individuals.
  • 2. Reduce risk and establish a safe and secure workplace.
  • 3. Ensure the safety of your assets, employees, and consumers.
  • 4. Defend your company from liability lawsuits.
  • 5. Maintain the reputation and confidence of your organization.
  • 6. Make reasonable hiring judgments in order to give yourself a fair shot.
  • 7. Observe all federal, state, & industry rules and regulations.
  • 8. Observe the company's hiring policies.

Our Criminal Record Checks Ensure 4 Special Benefits To maintain High Levels Of Quality

Conducting a background check on any new employee is critical to creating the corporate culture you desire. The procedure gathers extensive information on the applicant in order to make the safest and most dependable hire possible.Most companies do it now, but it is still not standard practice across the board, which can have serious long-term consequences. Any business understand value of background checks, when to utilize them, and how help the workplace environment.

Maintaining Quality

It's critical to keep your hiring methods up to the standard, if you want to keep your workplace safe. Background checks as part of the application process are likely to discourage applicants. Using the results of a criminal background check, you can then look at how the record applies to the position's level of responsibility, exposure to assets.

These kinds of screening techniques can help you increase the quality of your recruiting practices as well as the quality of your applicants. Keeping unqualified applicants out of the pool of applicants, saving you time and money. So you can get in touch with us to save your money time.

Cost Reduction

Having to reverse a new hiring because to a missed detail in their previous employment might increase your turnover rate and costs. Recruiting, hiring, employee training, salaries, and benefits are all typical costs when employing a new employee, but doing so again or even three times becomes prohibitively expensive.

Background checks help your business avoid costs, fines, lawsuits, and other hazards. This is accomplished by remaining compliant in your hiring methods and protecting the legal and professional rights of any candidate under consideration by an employer.

Workplace safety

Background checks on future or present employees are a simple way to guarantee that the employer adheres to the company's safety and compliance criteria. SunBD can also assist businesses in avoiding or defending against any negligent hiring litigation.

Background checks aren't always necessary, but they should be done on a frequent basis, even on long-term employees, to ensure that everyone who works for the company follows the organization's regulations.

Reduce Turnover

Reduced turnover rates is one of the most major advantages of doing frequent, comprehensive background checks. More information on an applicant is essential for safe, effective screening and hiring procedures as well as determining if they are honest and trustworthy.

Reduced turnover rates assist the organization by lowering the effort and time needed training that problematic, new hire and maintaining consistency in the workplace, in addition to decreasing the risks.

Our Criminal Background Checks Technology Delivers Results In Hours, Not Days

The Bottom Line

Our expertise is in the area of compliance. We work closely with all of our clients to establish and implement thorough screening methods, including criminal background checks, that are tailored to your company's specific needs and fully compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.


1Are pre-employment criminal record checks common?

Yes, to put it succinctly. Today, nearly 80% of all businesses, regardless of size of staff or income, do pre-employment background checks on job prospects. Pre-employment background checks should always be accurate and professional, and they should adhere to all applicable privacy laws and regulations. Prior to doing a pre-employment background check on an applicant, it is critical to obtain consent.

2What is the cost of your criminal record check service?

It varies depending on how detailed a background check is required. Our services at are completely customisable, ranging from one service to five or more services combined.

3Is a candidates consent required for a background check?

Yes. Individual agreement is required for all pre-employment background checks. We abide by the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, which specifies that personal information can only be used for pre-employment background checks.

4When should employee background check be performed?

Some components of an employment check, such as reference checks, should be done prior to hiring somebody, according to us, provided that the candidate has been contacted and consent documents have been completed and signed.

After a conditional offer has been made, we urge that criminal background checks and credit inquiries be done.

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