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Our clients need to know how to use public records like criminal background checks appropriately in the business world, how to protect yourself from applicant fraud, and how to ensure that your company has procedures in place that are compliant with applicable law relating to hiring, firing, or promoting employees, primarily as defined in the FCRA. The top benefits of doing background checks include improving regulatory compliance, assuring quality hiring, and maintaining workplace safety and security.

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4 Special Benefits Of SunBD's Screening Compliance Trends

The top benefits of doing background checks include improving regulatory compliance, assuring quality hiring, and maintaining workplace safety and security. Cost, return time, and compliance with local and international legislation are all important factors to consider when hiring a background screening firm. The best background screening firms help you advance your career.

1. Improved Quality Of Hire:

Background screening improved the quality of their hires, according to 67% of survey participants. Background checks assist in the detection of false information on resumes, with 70% of respondents reporting finding an error.

2. Regulatory Compliance:

Negligent hiring claims may occur when a worker injures a coworker or a third party while on the job, and the victim alleges the employer should have discovered if it had done its due diligence. So be ensure of our Screening Compliance services.

3. Reduced Risks:

An organization could suffer hefty fines, loss of licenses, or legal damages if it does not have an effective employment screening program. A background screening company can assist you in implementing a screening program for your organization at every stage of the job screening process.

4. Better Workplace Safety:

Background screening was praised by 42% of survey respondents for assisting them in improving workplace safety and security. So, with our risk-free Screening Compliance services, you can ensure your worker safety without hassle.

What Makes Us Different For Screening Compliance?

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Employers do background checks for so multiple reasons. Is it just to check a job candidate's qualifications, or are there other advantages? The Top Four Benefits of Background Screening for Employers and How It Adds Value to Their Organization are revealed in the Employment Screening Benchmarking Report.

  • 1. Billing systems that are tailored.
  • 2. Account creation that is tailored to your needs.
  • 3. Domestic customer care that is live and in-house.
  • 4. Quick response to emails and phone calls.
  • 5. up-to-date and correct data.
  • 6. Advanced automated, secure, and high-tech methods.
  • 7. Verification of International Employment.
  • 8. E-Verify and Electronic I-9.
  • 9. Turnaround time is short.
  • 10. Single integrated platform.

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We'll help you determine the optimum search parameters and ensure compliance with the laws of the states where you're employing. We give tools to ensure that your organization's protected and sensitive information is not shared inappropriately.Criminal checks, identity checks, credit checks, past employment references, education and qualification checks, and even screening a candidate's socio-political ideas are all recommended procedures for screening candidates.

1. Fraud Prevention

2. Data Security

3. Reputation Management

4. Protecting workforce

FAQs For Employment Background Screening Compliance Services

1Do we have to inform employees about screening compliance?

Yes. Employees, vendors, medical personnel, and others must be advised that they will be examined for exclusions at the start of the job and on a regular basis afterward.

2Why is employee Screening Compliance critical?

The application is crucial since it is used to obtain the employee's consent for the organization's sanction screening. In addition, the application should inquire if the applicant has been subjected to or is currently being investigated by a regulatory agency for an adverse action. It should be stated on the application that sanction screening is a requirement of employment. Furthermore, if the individual is the subject of a regulatory agency investigation, the individual must notify the organization. It is critical to include such a condition in the application.

3Who is responsible for screening compliance?

Some firms delegate screening to a single department, such as the Compliance Office or Human Resources. Other firms assign separate departments to different types of screenings, such as the Compliance Office conducting routine employee screens, HR conducting new hire screenings, and the Procurement Department conducting vendor screenings. Whatever method your organization chooses to manage penalty screening, it's critical that the procedure is recorded in a policy document so that everyone involved understands their responsibilities.

4What questions are asked during screening compliance?

Education and employment are the two most important aspects of an applicant's background to check.

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