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Our global Talent Acquisition specialists help you at every stage of the recruitment process. Our greatest asset is our team of high caliber employees, and you will be the one to attract, lead, support, and reward them. We expect you to be the best you can be, to grow, and to develop your skills. We expect you to be proactive, to think critically, and to move quickly.There is no doubt that campaigns require considerable resources and time before the right candidates are found; worse still, if not done correctly, they can negatively affect your brand, which in turn may affect your reputation as an employer of choice.

Our global talent acquisition specialists help you at every stage of the recruitment process. Their focus is on identifying experienced candidates based on client needs, regardless of how niche the job may be. We are able to offer the most comprehensive workforce solutions in the industry because of this level of service and expertise. Additionally, we have been able to partner with some of the world's largest employers to staff flagship projects around the world.

Accelerate Your Business Growth With Best Talent Acqusition Cycle

Talent Acquisition - Hiring & Recruiting Services

  • Communication and collaboration with all stakeholders are essential during the recruitment process
  • Managing shifting workloads in a dynamic environment
  • Ensure consistency with other Human Capital functions in managing policies and processes
  • A system for identifying and assessing customer needs
  • Process improvements and future enhancements / best practices are supported and adapted
  • Analyzes information to understand problems and situations
  • Prepare new recruiters and HR service advisors for the department
  • Address issues related to the recruitment process and escalate them
  • Support projects related to staffing, mergers and acquisitions, onboarding, assessments, and technology case management
  • Independent thinking, willingness to think outside the box, and an openness to change

Simplify Talent Acquisition, On Boarding, Employee Management, HR Outsourcing Services Makes All HR Tasks Seamless And Convenient.

11. Prepare For Succession
Analysis of key positions based on business size, growth potential, organizational complexity, etc. Our SunBD's expert solution give you qualityful services.
22. Organizational Development
1. Create a Talent Acquisition review guideline with an appropriate matrix 2. Identify talent pool based on agreed criteria/guidelines 3. Develop success profiles and evaluate talent pools accordingly.
13. Creating Success Profiles For Certain Positions
Determine the gaps in the succession plan based on individual competencies and success profiles, as well as on prioritization. Formulate actions to close the gaps.
24. Your Business Can be Transformed by Hiring the Right People
To help you recruit, source, and hire quality candidates, we provide the complete talent acquisition strategy, process, technology, and managerial services.

HR Services Outsourcing Is Carried Out In Different Ways Like Payroll, Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Etc For Better HR Management.

No matter what role you are hiring for, SunBD has the right solution to help you make smart hiring decisions. SunBD Talent Acquisition Management is one of the biggest recruitment companies offering solutions for HR, executive, contract, global and payroll recruitment.

The SunBD's Graduate

You can transform your graduate recruitment process into an immersive, meaningful virtual hiring journey.

SunBD’s Technology

Take advantage of SunBD's high-quality candidate experiences and AI-powered virtual hiring tools to identify and select tech talent.

A Look at SunBD's Volume

Top performers can be engaged at scale using insights across high volume roles including retail and contact center.

The SunBD Manager

Streamline your management selection and improve manager effectiveness with powerful insights into the people you hire

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Final Thoughts

Talent acquisition differs from organization to organization, but the talent acquisition team is among the most important drivers of a positive, long-term culture and growth. In a competitive market, attracting and interviewing quality candidates is a huge challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. You need more than just a recruiting service to accomplish this.

Frequently Asked Questions For Talent Acquisition Services

1Can Sun BD Talent Acquisition help you save money?
Our charges are determined by which aspects of the service you require. Most clients have saved money compared to hiring an internal recruitment team or hiring a traditional headhunter or a recruiting firm. A client-based need assessment will provide more information about the level of cost savings that Sun BD can provide for your business.
2Aren't we effectively losing control of a business's core strategic activity?
'No,' is the answer. Sun BD, on the other hand, gives you more control over recruitment by giving you a single point of accountability as well as full visibility of recruitment activity and performance to the entire company, not just HR and hiring managers. Sun BD's principles and benefits can be applied to the hiring of core employees, fixed-term contractors, and limited-company contractors.
3Will Sun BD be able to replace any of our current employees?
Our team may allow you to downsize or restructure your team if you currently have full-time recruiters. Sun BD, on the other hand, will often allow HR to refocus the time they save with Sun BD to add more value to the HR functions.
4What is the minimum number of annual hires that would justify Sun BD's involvement?
There are no upper or lower limits on the number of people who can be hired. We can free up time for your HR department and hiring teams if you're doing everything yourself. If you use headhunters and recruitment agencies, Sun BD's benefits will improve the candidate experience, strengthen your employer brand, result in quality hires, increase employee retention, and reduce your total recruitment costs.

Improve Decisions By Attracting, Engaging And Hiring The Most Diverse Talents and Manage Attendance, Leaves, Payroll, Statutory, Loans, ESS, Document & Personnel Management. Manage: Employees, Leaves, Loans, Documents, and Payroll with SunBD Team.

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