3 Key Areas Where SunBD Excel in Merger & Acquisition

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Core Services of Our Premier Merger & Acquisition Solutions

SunBD’s Top & Certified Business Valuation Programs

Valuing a business accurately is fundamental to making informed strategic decisions, particularly for mergers and acquisitions. We take pride in our top-tier, certified business evaluation programs designed to reflect the true worth of your business. Whether you are a startup seeking investment, a portfolio investor, or a well-established company preparing for an acquisition, our comprehensive valuation services ensure transparency and confidence in your financial undertakings. We also provide:

Experience Unparalleled Services and Exceptional Quality with SunBD

SunBD is a leading M&A advisory and valuation firm in Bangladesh, committed to providing exceptional services to our clients.
M&A Advisory Services.

1. M&A Advisory

Our M&A advisory services offer legal and strategic guidance for sellouts, buy-side deals, and joint ventures, ensuring thorough due diligence, effective negotiation, and seamless integration. We are the best and most trusted in Bangladesh for M&A.

Business Valuation Services.

2. Valuation

We offer precise business valuation services, including company, startup, property valuation, and trade-off intangible assets. Our expertise in EBITDA calculations ensures informed decisions during investments, mergers, or acquisitions.

Contract & License Services.

3. Contract & License

SunBD specializes in drafting, reviewing, and managing contracts and business licenses. Also providing expert legal advice on contracts, software licensing, contract negotiation, and contractual risk management to ensure legal protection.

Compliance Services.

4. Compliance

We ensure your business adheres to all local and international regulations. We provide regulatory compliance, investment, SEC, Health & Safety, international trade compliance, and compliance audit. Thereby minimizing risks and enhancing stability.

Business & Property Services with SunBD.

5. Business & Property

SunBD provides advisory and management services for business operations and commercial property. We specialize in the management of property, intellectual property, and managing risk of real estate.

Tax & Audit Services.

6. Tax & Audit

Our expert offers tax compliance, audit & assurance, real estate tax planning, and internal audit to optimize tax liabilities. We also analyze P/E ratios for better financial insights so that you can invest in the best companies.

The Smarter Way to Manage Your Business & Property with SunBD

SunBD offers intelligent solutions for managing your business and properties, focusing on maximizing efficiency, minimizing risks, and optimizing returns. With a team of experienced professionals, we make sure your business operations are streamlined.

Why Are We the Best M&A Service Provider in Bangladesh for Business & Property?

At SunBD, we understand that effective management of commercial property is integral to the success and growth of any business. Our property management services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. We guarantee seamless operation and optimal functionality of your commercial properties. We provide comprehensive intellectual property management that safeguards your business's innovative assets. By leveraging our expertise, you can make informed decisions that will maximize your property ROI. Whether it’s through strategic acquisitions, optimizing property portfolios, or efficient management practices, SunBD is dedicated to helping you achieve the highest potential returns on your real estate investments. So, make SunBD your partner in success today.

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