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Employment history to check in position, dates of employment, reputation, performance

We're big believers of getting things for free, so if you only need one or two pieces of information, it might be worth your time to seek our service. Something that could take years or even be impossible to complete on a shoestring budge, we complete it in only two days. We a re also great at gathering all of the pertinent data and compiling a comprehensive report. In general, we've found that the modest cost is justified by the information provided and the time and effort saved.


Inflating educational credentials is, sadly, a frequent practice. We provide education verification services that confirm dates of attendance, course or study, degree or certificate received, and date of award. This could include a GED, a high school diploma, a college diploma, or a master's degree.Education Services organizations serve a wide variety of audiences, but this doesn't answer the question, which is really the charter of the organization.

Job History

Making a hiring decision when you aren't convinced you have all of the facts is dangerous. When you engage with us, though, you eliminate that uncertainty. Controlled release protects sensitive employee data and aids in the development of a robust verification procedure that ensures compliance and reduces risk. As a customer, we'll collaborate with you to tailor the verification and data files to your organization's specific requirements.


Our credit history background checks use information from all three main credit agencies to determine whether a job candidate or possible tenant has any accounts in collections, open loans, third-party queries, or other red flags. Credit history checks are a good addition to a criminal background check, a sex offender registry check, and a reference check.Credit can also refer to a person's or a company's creditworthiness or credit history.


Substance abusers are well-known for being less productive, more prone to errors, a workplace safety risk, and more likely to submit workers' compensation claims. With our dependable drug testing and occupational health screening solution, you can protect your company and your employees. We can perform accurate, compliant drug testing, alcohol testing, and any necessary physical or medical tests, depending on your pre-employment screening needs.

Simpler Background Check Pre/Post Employment Verifications.

Background checks assist you in assembling a trustworthy staff while also reducing risk and safeguarding your company's brand. You can save time and money by using pre-employment screening during the hiring process. Building a strong team begins with a trusted partner who provides the industry's simplest end-to-end pre-employment background check workflow.We can be simply customized to meet the manner your organization hires. Whether you're a major corporation with several sites to screen for, or a small firm that has to conduct a background check every now and then, we've got you covered.

FAQs For Background Check

1Why do employers conduct background checks?

Employers conduct background checks on candidates in order to make educated recruiting decisions and boost their chances of employing a suitable employee. Background checks can be used to verify or provide extra information about individuals' former jobs, schooling, driving records, drug use, criminal records, and more. In addition to federal and state rules, several industries have special background check standards that employers must follow.

2How do background checks works?

The first step in a background check is to confirm an individual's identity using the information they supply, such as their date of birth and Social Security number. Then, depending on the sort of information sought, searches are undertaken utilizing a range of public databases and court records.

3How long do background checks take?

Because there are so many various types of background checks, the time necessary varies, but it usually ranges from a few minutes to up to five days.

4Can you do background checks for international employees?

Yes, overseas employees can be subjected to our background checks if they currently reside in one of these countries. When examining applicants who have lived, studied, or worked in another country, it is critical for businesses to do international background checks. International background checks work in the same way that other types of background checks do.

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