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SunBD’s executive and Due Diligence Investigation help to reduce risk. When the stakes are high, you need a thorough, highly customized investigation. Whether it's a new CEO, a potential M&A partner, or a new board member, companies must be confident that shareholders, the media, or the SEC will not be surprised. SunBD Services has been providing exceptional investigative services to corporations for over 15 years.

We Ensure Customized Investigations Services

SunBD's Services doesn't use a cookie-cutter approach to its investigations, instead tailoring them to the specific needs of a company or situation. It appoints a lead investigator who is in charge of coordinating investigative resources all over the world. You can act with confidence because the reports are specific and detailed.

Ensure Healthy Development Of Businesses

The SunBD's Executive Report is the industry’s most thorough and accurate background screening report for senior-level hires and board of director appointments.SunBD's Due Diligence Investigation is managed by a seasoned, dedicated expert who coordinates and conducts in-depth, highly discreet background screening for high-profile candidates.

Due diligence Focuses On The Most Critical Areas Of A Transaction

Due diligence is always conducted in conjunction with you, depending on the size and complexity of the project Risks associated with the transaction and its scale. We provide due diligence services that address the most important aspects. Included are:

  • Risks and opportunities specific to an industry and deal
  • Examining the quality and reasonableness of historical and projected
  • Identify hidden costs, commitments, and contingencies
  • Identification and quantification of liabilities that may be deal breakers
  • Highlighting issues that could affect the purchase price or contract

Make A High-Quality Business Decision With Our Due Diligence Services

>Companies involved in IPOs, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, partnership deals, and a plethora of other business scenarios should contact us to discuss their needs so that we can assist in the design of an action plan using our various services and expertise. The outcomes of our services can shine a light on past dealings and behavior, giving you a preview of what to expect in the future. You may or may not like what you learn.

Here Are Our 7 Benefits For Conducting Due Diligence Investigations Services:

Why Trust Our Business Due Diligence Investigation Consulting Service?

SunBD and other due diligence investigation firms use exacting quality standards in their investigations of business and financial data and processes. Every investigation is given the utmost care, and clients receive detailed reports with the appropriate level of detail. In-house professional investigators at SunBD are well-versed in proper investigative methodologies and protocols. Organizations seeking high-quality investigative analyses related to mergers and acquisitions, lending, business intelligence, or other business informational purposes can use our confidential global-screening services.

Our Due Diligence Enssure Sound Investigative Methodologies Tailored For A Successful Business

SunBD’s commercial due diligence services help you mitigate risk by taking the guesswork out of high-stakes business deals. We customize investigative solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives. We sift through large volumes of source materials to find the most relevant data, searching all reasonable sources for the most up-to-date information. Our corporate investigators are highly qualified and experienced in vetting a wide range of high-stakes business opportunities, including mergers and acquisitions, hedge funds, venture capital investments, and executive-level hires. Such transactions can have a long-term impact on your business and necessitate thorough due diligence. Following the completion of a thorough investigation, we present our findings in a detailed report that contains all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Please contact us to learn more about our due diligence investigation service.

Reduction of Risk

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Our Due Diligence Services Reduce Risks On An International Basis For Our Clients

The project moves into the business due diligence phase after investors identify a promising opportunity, which includes investigations of senior management team members as well as business processes. The following reviews may be included in this phase of the process:

  • Executive management and senior business leadership
  • The offered service or product, as well as the anticipated demand
  • The business model employed, as well as the target market and market segmentation
  • Before making a decision on a specific opportunity, the venture capital due diligence process should be completed with a thorough legal review.

Frequently Asked Questions For Due Diligence Services

1What do you check as part of your due diligence?
A due diligence check entails a thorough examination of a company's or individual's economic, legal, fiscal, and financial circumstances. This includes information such as sales figures, shareholder structure, and possible ties to economic crimes like corruption and tax evasion.
2What is the significance of carrying out due diligence?
It's a precautionary measure taken to avoid committing an offense due to ignorance and putting one's finances at risk. Compiling proper records, checks, and balances for each business relationship or transaction also allows for a more efficient operation.
3Who foots the bill for due diligence?
Buyer. The due diligence fee is paid to the seller directly. The buyer has the right to terminate the contract for any reason or no reason before the due diligence period expires, while the seller is bound by the contract's terms.
4Is the money spent on due diligence taxable?
It will be taxed as a long-term capital gain or a short-term capital gain, depending on how long you have owned the property.

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