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Employee background verification are used by almost all significant companies. Controlled release protects sensitive employee data and aids in the development of a robust verification procedure. Background verification and screening solutions from us might be the difference between making a good recruiting decision and a bad one. The more information you have, the more money you'll spend. The best background check services streamline the process of looking up information in public records. You can wish to perform such a check for a variety of reasons, including looking up lost relatives or friends.

You might also just want to see what information has been made accessible to you. The best background check services differ from credit checks and police checks in that they merely seek information on one or more specified individuals using public (or occasionally even private) databases, such as to get in touch with old friends or confirm someone's identity.

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Despite the fact that most organizations have high talent criteria, they are constrained in their resources. Each candidate and employee, however, introduces a new business and security risk.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 firm, mid-size organization, or a small business, it's important to be aware of any potential risks associated with hiring people. Background checks are key to uncovering potential problems that could harm your company.

Our on-demand solutions put you in control, giving you the features and services you need to manage your background screening program efficiently and effectively.

To save you time, we streamline and automate a number of common activities during account setup. Your SunBD dashboard gives you status updates and results at a glance, and your candidates can check their results in the same straightforward manner that is mobile-optimized for you.

Get Special 6 Benefits Of Our Employee Background Verification Services

Quality Hire:

When you use a complete background screening software, the first thing you'll notice is a significant improvement in the quality of hire in your staffing operations.Talent acquisition is a difficulty for most companies. Moreover, qualifying candidates with accurate information is a key part of that.

Safety & Security:

Employment background checks help to effectively reduce the likelihood of future workplace violence by screening out applicants who may constitute a threat to the workplace environment. In a full screening, past events will be reviewed, which will provide important insights into behavioral trends.

Regulatory Compliance:

SunBD as a third-party background screening supplier with in-house compliance knowledge can assist your firm in appropriately developing a screening solution that meets not only your industry standards, but also state and regulatory requirements vary by job type. So get in touch with us.

No Hiring Risks:

Negligent hiring poses a high amount of risk. It could result in your company being held personally liable for your employees' actions. It's becoming more frequent to find a corporation that failed to investigate the backgrounds of potential employees before hiring them, and then was held accountable as a result.

No Employee Turnover:

Our all in one solution of Employee Background checks services will significantly reduce unexpected turnover rate. When events occur where a corporation might have avoided learning about an employee's background, lawsuits are brought, and companies may suffer irreparable reputational harm as a result.

No Drug Abuse:

Substance abuse screening can greatly reduce absenteeism, attitude problems, embezzlement, low productivity, violence, criminality, and other negative effects of drug and alcohol addiction. There are numerous more advantages to implementing a well-designed program within your firm.

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In a tight labor market, the appeal of exaggerating school credentials or embellishing work records can grow. Employers do a background check as a final step to make a sound hiring decision and protect themselves from a variety of potential threats. Background checks are also used to verify claims made by candidates throughout the recruiting process

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Background Verification's goal is to ensure that firms protect their reputations by ensuring that their workplaces are safer, more secure, and filled with qualified individuals. We're driven by speed, quality, and efficiency and backed by one of the most knowledgeable teams in the industry. You can rely on us as your background verification firm to deliver a sensible approach to screening for your company.


1What is disqualifying on employee background check?

If you have any of the following on your record, you may be rejected for a position requiring a high level of security clearance: embezzlement, income tax evasion (or other financial crimes), crimes involving excessive alcohol or drug consumption, a history of personality disorders.

2Can I get a copy of employee background?

Please contact us directly to make your request. We are unable to give you with this information due to current legislation.Your contact information is on Consent Form that you filled out during the screening process.

3How far back do background checks go?

The extent of your background check will be determined by your employer's policies as well as the nations in which the checks are conducted. The type of data returned and the location of that data both influence the depth of a background check's search.

4Will I get hired with criminal record?

You should speak with your prospective or present employer about their criminal record review process.

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