Ensure Applicant's Financial History With Our Credit History Checks Services

Our employment credit history checks provide useful information about a candidate's sense of responsibility and financial background. When it comes to hiring for financial services and retail enterprises, as well as jobs of fiscal responsibility, these factors matter a lot. When it comes to tenant screening, property owners should consider a thorough credit check.

Create Justification

Prepare a justification in advance to provide your prospective job if there is a worrying entry on your credit report.

Pay promptly

Paying your bills on time is one of the best strategies to guarantee that your credit report is positive.

Give approval

Companies would rather talk with you and explain why your credit report is bad than not see it at all. think about allowing prospective employers

Credit report

You have the right to a free annual copy of your credit report and score. Take advantage of this and check your credit report annually to ensure accuracy and to be aware of what's on it.

SunBD Covers More Than Just Credit History

  • 1. Maiden names, aliases, and nicknames that can be identified
  • 2. Information about previous addresses and employers
  • 3. Full compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and guidance
  • 4. Verifying and expanding on information quickly
  • 5. Reemployment Credit Checks and Service Credit Reports in the workplace

Keep Your Investments Safe With Our Credit History Checks

Your credit report's information can inhibit your job search and even get you fired. Bad credit can be a problem, especially when applying for jobs that require money or financial information. Sun BD’s credit history background checks can find out if a job candidate or potential tenant has any accounts in collections, open loans, third-party inquiries, or other red flags by accessing information from all three major credit bureaus. Credit history checks are a good way to round out a criminal background check, sex offender registry check, and reference check.

Maintaining Quality

Maintaining Quality

Maintaining Quality

Maintaining Quality

Credit Checks Are Just One Piece Of The Bigger Employment Background Screening Process

What Makes SunBD Different?

With years of background check experience, our team of agents is well-equipped to provide you with the information you need to correctly analyze a candidate's reliability and risk. When you use our credit check services, you get the following benefits:

  • 1. Long-term collaboration with one of North America's largest credit bureaus.
  • 2. Data accuracy is ensured by an expert compliance staff.
  • 3. Validation of the Social Security Number (SIN).
  • 4. Various credit rating alternatives (credit rating, bankruptcy risk, identity fraud).
  • 5. On our secure website, you can get real-time results.

Final Thoughts

Sun BD is a consumer reporting agency that is allowed to provide employment credit reports to businesses that have been approved. For more information, please contact our specialized team.

Manage Risk Of Your Company With Our Credit Checks Process

A credit report is a significant tool to help businesses avoid the danger of candidates tricking the background check process. Managing petty cash, managing accounts, working in IT, and other financial responsibilities can all be found within your company. To avoid putting your company at risk, personnel in all of these roles must take on a high level of accountability. Our credit check provides you with the necessary information to appropriately analyze and manage risk in your firm.

FAQs For Credit History Checks Services

1How long does a credit check for employment take?
Checking your credit: A credit check could take anywhere from 24 to 48 hours to complete. It entails a search of credit bureau records and is intended to give a general picture of the candidate's credit history.
2Is it true that your credit history has an impact on your job prospects?
It's not true when people say things like "a bad credit score will keep you from getting a job." An employer must inform an applicant that a credit check may be performed as part of the hiring process. To conduct a background/credit check, the employer must obtain written permission.
3Can I get my employer's name taken off of my credit report?
By disputing your credit report information online, you can have the employment listing removed from your report. To dispute the employer listing, simply follow the steps in the online process. You'll also find a toll-free phone number on your personal report that you can call for help.
4Does a credit report show your income?
Your income isn't recorded on your credit report. While lenders may take your income into account when making lending decisions, they will usually get it directly from you during the credit application process.

Access Complete Credit Information About Employe's Credit History, Loans, & Outstanding Debts With SunBD

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