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The HR Health Check is based on an analysis of dozens of empirical research studies that investigate how different aspects of HR Management affect the performance of small and medium enterprises. SunBD's HR Health Check can include the following areas to any relevant business or industry-specific areas:

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Examine your employee turnover, the number of grievance and disciplinary cases filed against the company, the levels of sick leave, overtime worked, and the number of Tribunal claims filed against the company – all of these can point to potential employee relations issues that could jeopardize the company's success.

HR Health Checks: SunBD’s HR Health Checks/Audits provide an expert and comprehensive review of current policies, procedures, practices, legislation compliance, and accepted best practice. The audit will identify and highlight the company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as what is missing or needs to be improved.

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An audit benefits the company by identifying potential risk areas and issues that could harm employee relations or, worse, the company's reputation. It can serve as a useful starting point for developing future HR strategy, identifying projects and priorities, critical success areas, and time and resource "eaters," as well as breaking down the vast field of HR and employment issues into usable data and manageable targets.The role of an auditor providing HR auditing services is to find problems, not to prescribe solutions. Determining the scope of the HR audit, selecting the appropriate approach, selecting the data collection method, and analyzing the data to prepare the audit report are all steps in the HR audit process.

5 Advantages Of Conducting an HR audit Services

  • 1. Ensures that various legal policies are followed
  • 2. It identifies the information gaps & various aspects of HR management systems
  • 3. Ensures that policies for office workers, field workers & contract workers
  • 4. It improves the efficiency of people in charge of various HR management functions
  • 5. Determines the strengths and weaknesses of current HR policies
  • 5. Determines the strengths and weaknesses of current HR policies

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The perceived weaknesses in the organization's HR environment, the type of audit chosen, and the available resources all play a role in determining what to audit. Keeping track of issues that arise but aren't addressed in the company's procedures or policies can help HR identify areas of risk that can be addressed during the annual review process (if they do not need to be addressed immediately).Organizations, on the other hand, are particularly vulnerable in certain areas. The majority of lawsuits stem from issues with hiring, performance management, discipline, or termination.

The Following are some 4 risk areas that employers should carefully examine during an audit. Choose SunBD to resolve your common audit problems:

Job Misclassification:

Almost every company has positions that have been misclassified as exempt from overtime eligibility. Because of the complexities of wage and hour laws and regulations, it's easy to make a mistake when classifying a job as exempt, leaving the employer liable for past overtime.

Inadequate Personnel Files:

A review of sample personnel files frequently reveals insufficient performance documentation, such as informal, vague, or inconsistent disciplinary warnings. Performance appraisals can be ambiguous, inaccurate, or out of date. Despite medical privacy laws requiring such data to be kept separate, personal health information is frequently found in personnel files.

Imprecise Time Records:

Nonexempt employees are typically required to punch a time clock or complete time sheets that reflect their time worked each week by their employers. Because the records generated by these systems are frequently the employer's primary defense against wage and hour claims, time-keeping policies.

Prohibited Attendance Policies:

The majority of employers are concerned with excessive absenteeism. The complexity of family and medical leave laws, in addition to sometimes conflicting state and federal protections, has rendered many previously acceptable absence control policies ineffective. The absence of a worker affects workers' family & medical leave and pregnancy laws alike.

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HR leaders must engage in constant observation and continuous improvement of the organization's policies, procedures, and practices after the audit is completed so that the organization never stops improving. This will help the company gain and maintain a competitive advantage. One way to do this is to constantly monitor HR systems to ensure that they are up to date and that each one has built-in follow-up mechanisms.

One strategy is to appoint someone on staff (or an outside consultant) to keep track of legal developments in order to keep HR policies and practices up to date. Organizations should also keep track of audit findings and changes, turnover, complaints filed, hotline issues, and employee survey results to identify trends in employment-related issues. Identifying problematic issues, areas of growth, or areas of decline can aid in the future allocation of time, money, and preventive training resources.

Frequently Asked Questions For HR Health Check Services

1What are the different types of HR audits?
Interview Method, Questionnaire Method, Observation Method, Desk Research Method, Workshop Method, and Task Force Method are the top six methods used in HR audits. HR audit is a tool for determining the state of a company's human resources development system.
2How much does it cost to conduct an HR audit?
An audit will set you back about $2,500. The cost of implementing the audit's recommendations and/or correcting deficiencies will vary by company, but most audits will cost no more than $10,000 in total.
3What role does HR audit play in performance planning?
HRD Audit assists employees in acquiring new competencies through a process of performance planning, feedback, training, periodic performance reviews, assessment of developmental needs, and the creation of development opportunities through training, job rotation, and other mechanisms.
4What are the auditing's limitations?
(I) Higher Cost Burden: Due to the higher cost burden, the auditor's scope of work is limited to selective testing or sampling, preventing in-depth auditing of the books of accounts. (ii) Test checks: An auditing exercise is usually based on test checking.

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