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Corporate and Private Background E-Checks, Reference Checks Services In Bangladesh.

SunBD, as one of the leading screening service providers, offers a comprehensive range of Corporate and Private Background Check services that cover the globe. With an award-winning candidate experience, our flexible, yet advanced platform makes ordering the screening goods you need simple, and helps you appear good to your candidates.

A Leading Corporate and Private Background E-Checks Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our Corporate and Private Background Check Service team aims to remain objective when it comes to these issues. Depending on how they collect data and what algorithms they use, each provider has strengths and drawbacks. We've done detailed assessments on all of the major background check companies, and you can choose which one you wish to use by clicking on Public Records in the navigation above.

  • 1. Make reasonable, well-informed decisions and recruit talented people.

  • 2. Maintain a safe working environment while also safeguarding company assets.

  • 3. Defend your company from liability lawsuits.

  • 4. Observe all federal, state, municipal, and industry rules and regulations.

  • 5. We walk you through a simple, paperless procedure step by step.

  • 6. Hire faster with clear record details and easy-to-review results.

  • 7. All orders come with free Adverse Action support.

  • 8. Packages tailored to your needs and pricing based on volume

  • 9. Support from the Bangladesh is provided at no additional cost.

    We Focus and Apply Intelligent Skills to Deliver the Corporate and Private Background Check Services

    1. Identity & Credit

    Establish the identification of your application, as well as his or her address history and personal responsibility.

    3. Criminal Records

    Determine whether or not a person has been convicted of a crime so that you can hire with confidence.

    5. Substance Abuse

    Workplace accidents, aggression, and rising health-care expenditures are putting a strain on the organization.

    7. Applicant Tracking

    We offer onboarding services that help you save time and money. We don’t hold back. Get it now!

    2. Drivers Records

    Determine whether you are eligible to drive a company or personal vehicle for business purposes.

    4. Reference

    Check the information on a résumé and/or job application to make sure it's accurate.

    6. Global Solutions

    Our E-Check Services are also open to global workforce or businesses that hire people from other countries.

    8. Small Business Solution

    Employers who hire fewer than five (5) workers per month are eligible for a special package.

    FAQs For Corporate and Private Background E-Checks Service

    1Why do employers conduct background checks?

    Employers conduct background checks on candidates in order to make educated recruiting decisions and boost their chances of employing a suitable employee. Background checks can be used to verify or provide extra information about individuals' former jobs, schooling, driving records, drug use, criminal records, and more. In addition to federal and state rules, several industries have special background check standards that employers must follow.

    2How do background checks works?

    The first step in a background check is to confirm an individual's identity using the information they supply, such as their date of birth and Social Security number. Then, depending on the sort of information sought, searches are undertaken utilizing a range of public databases and court records.

    3How long do background checks take?

    Because there are so many various types of background checks, the time necessary varies, but it usually ranges from a few minutes to up to five days.

    4Can you do background checks for international employees?

    Yes, overseas employees can be subjected to our background checks if they currently reside in one of these countries. When examining applicants who have lived, studied, or worked in another country, it is critical for businesses to do international background checks. International background checks work in the same way that other types of background checks do.

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