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  1. SunBangla has established a platform for businesses to find the best talent.
  2. The competition is incresing, but we do not rush our hiring process.
  3. A "Background Check" contains predictions regarding the team's or talent's future performance.
  4. Our corporate and private background check services are available for any business.
  5. Our comprehensive analysis sytem finds the best fitting talent.

  1. Every business wants its employees to work with complete compassion.
  2. Our background screening service aids in determining the hiring talent's track record.
  3. We also conduct brief criminal record checks to ensure your workplace harmony.
  4. SunBangla aids in your candidate shortlisting.
  5. Corporations can maximize their productivity through us.

The Following Package Is Included In Our Background Screening Services

Current Employment Check

This service is included in the hiring package to examine the employee's current status and documentation once they've been hired. Reviewing existing company details of the talent that the organization is hiring will be a simple process. This process will begin once the chosen candidate has signed their papers.

Premium Service

It's a premium service with its own bundle. This is a whole package that will start during the interview process. Once a candidate has been shortlisted, they will be subjected to an educational background check, a job history check, a residential background check, a social media background check, and, if applicable, a credit check.

Our 4 Special Background Checks & Pre Employment Screening Services

Verification of Address:

As an additional layer of verification from ID and for greater traceability, your prospective employer will require that your current and permanent addresses be verified .

History Of Experience:

The employer wants to make sure that the information you provide about your work experience is accurate. As a result, we double-check your employment history .

Verification of Education

Because of the rising number of examples of education or degree fraud, your employer will want to double-check that you attended the college indicated on your CV/resume.

Check Criminal History:

The employer must ensure that the candidate has not previously committed any severe offenses that could harm the company's reputation or financial success.

Corporate Due Diligence, Supply Chain Vetting And Vendor Screening Solution

Our background screening services help to reduce a company's risk. The goal of a background screening is to determine whether or not a candidate is qualified. When there are a high number of applications for the same position, background screening also aids in shortlisting.As an employer, you don't want to jeopardize your workplace, and you can't afford to take the chance just because of one bad hire. The ideal way for the company is to conduct a background screening.

The following are some of the advantages of doing a background screening for employment:

Job Verification

As a business person, you learn about the employee's previous job history. It's very important for a job sector.

Background Screening

There will be no future liability for the employee because the background screening will confirm.

Work Enviroment

A thorough background check promotes a safe working environment, which will boost employee quality.

Background Check

By searching for fraudulent educational credentials, a full background check would defend the company's brand.

Take Our Experienced And Most Qualified Background Screening Services

Our goal is to provide clients with creative solutions that suit their screening demands while also increasing the efficiency of the entire process. You can count on SunBD to supply your organization with background check services since we are the epitome of quality and efficiency.Employee screening and background checks are, of course, critical to a company's performance and reputation. Because employees are such an important element of any business, employers must exercise utmost caution when recruiting them. A dishonest and unfaithful employee may jeopardize the company's reputation and engage in fraudulent and theft-related actions, thus impacting the organization's overall performance. Employee screening, on the other hand, is a time-consuming and arduous process, which is why businesses should rely on a reputable and experienced background verification organization in Bangladesh.

The Following Are Some of The Reasons Why You Should Conduct A Background Check

During various stages of the interview, a company may consider doing a background check. This might start when the candidate completes the application form and fills out all of the required information. During the interview process, a background check should be performed.Before moving on to the next interview round, the company will thoroughly investigate the candidate's background. UprightHC improves the quality of the background check process while saving the company time.

FAQ For Background Screening Services

1How long does it take to run a background check?

That's a question you should leave to your legal counsel to answer. There is a lot of variety in state and industry laws. Your sector and employment needs, on the other hand, will most certainly provide you with a suitable beginning point.

2What Items Are Included in a Background Check?

Our checks can be customized to meet your needs. Our knowledgeable account managers will work with you to customize a plan that matches your requirements. You may choose from over 30 items and services at SunBangla!

3What is the procedure for ordering a background check?

The SunBangla App is SunBangla's own proprietary software that it owns and operates. The app is used to place orders for background checks, view results, and more.

4What is the accuracy rate of your work?

SunBangla offers a background screening accuracy record of 99.99 percent. Across all of our products, we are proud to provide accurate and high-quality information. To assure the authenticity and integrity of the information we give, we take a multi-pronged approach.

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