Conducting Background Investigations And Pre-Employment Screeening In Bangladesh

If you make a bad hiring decision, you may spend thousands of dollars on turnover costs or negligence claims.As well as you can hire and retain the right employees with our Pre-Employment Screening services at SunBD's affordable, risk-mitigating front-end solutions customized for your business. The level of search offered by SunBD depends on the industry, budget, and also risk tolerance of your company. Surely a drug-free workplace, reduce fraud, decrease corporate liabilities, and prevent crime and violence with our comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening and post-hire background checks services. We are best for Pre-Employment Screening services in Bangladesh

Utilize Pre-Employment Screening To Streamline Your Hiring Process

We are a tech company first, so creating easy-to-use experiences is in our DNA. Also you can quickly and easily set up your account and automate many common workflows to save time. Your Good Hire dashboard provides instant results and status updates. Accordingly with your candidates can view their results the same way you do. Employer screening enables you to verify the skills, experience, and credentials of a candidate to assist with hiring and recruitment. To protect your hiring process. And also make sure you make an accurate decision, you need to have all of the information about the candidate available. Employer screening also protects your company's reputation and minimizes financial and personnel risks.

Our background screening services can help you identify criminal records, offenses, professional or financial sanctions quickly and as part of an employment or resident screening.

1. The National Criminal File contains millions of criminal records, and we have direct access to the criminal database.

2. As a premier background screening company, we have an unmatched global reach for businesses requiring global searches.

Reduce turnaround time and receive accurate, current information on a candidate's criminal court status. More than 2,500 federal, state, and local courthouses are searched by AccurateAxis to find any felony and misdemeanor cases involving an applicant. Through the use of this powerful tool, more than 86% of criminal background check results can be completed electronically. Machine learning posts motor vehicle records and cleared criminal searches instantly. You can now sort through court records with 99.99% accuracy.

The values of trust and safety contribute to the success of organizations. You can build a dependable and dependable workforce with criminal background checks. Comprehensive criminal background checks also help your company perform the following functions:

1. Ensure a safe workplace for employees and customers

2. Liability and negligent hiring claims are protected

3. Ensure the safety of your assets and reputation

4. Observe legal and industry screening regulations

You can count on our teams to help you make sense of the data collected. We understand that just having the information is not enough to make savvy hiring decisions; rather, to ensure a safe and successful onboarding process, we need to understand that information. Criminal Background Checks From SunBD Includes All Of The Following:

1. Felonies are serious offenses that are usually punishable by prison time.

2. Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies and are usually punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

SunBD Offers Pre-employment

Screning In A Range

of Flexible Solutions

1. Verifying Identities

Instantly verify your identity with your full name, SSN, birth date, known aliases, and prior addresses. To prevent fraud, a comprehensive search of individuals sharing the same SSN is also conducted.

2. Abuse of Substances

Pre- and post-employment drug testing is easy with more than 5,000 testing centers throughout the country. The results are examined by a board of medical review officers (MRO) and then posted on the SunBD website in an electronic format.

3. The Search For Criminals

Criminal records from jurisdictions that have agreed to participate, administrative office of courts records, department of corrections records, the Superior Court Index of Felonies and Misdemeanors, traffic court registries, and sex offender data can all be found here.

4. Services of Verification

Verify an applicant's current and/or previous employer information, including: title held, dates of employment, salary, reason for leaving, and any other information provided by the applicant and/or employer. This report identifies potential breaks of an employee.

5. License to Practice

Ensure that all industry-required licenses and certificates are current. Issuing date, registration status, current standing, sanctions, expiration date, and additional information as available may be included in the documents. So get in touch with SunBD.

We offer Verify Qualifications, Credit Records, Criminal Records, Drivers Licences, Identity & References Checks.

FAQ For Pre-Employment Screening Services

1How long does it typically take for pre-employment screening?
It depends on how thorough the organization's pre-employment screening process is on how long it will take. Background checks can take from two days to several weeks. Faster background checks don't always deliver complete and accurate information. You should wait for more accurate background checks.
2Employers conduct pre-employment screenings for what reasons?
The screening process ensures that the candidate meets the educational and professional requirements of a position. A hiring manager can also verify that the information provided is accurate and that the candidate is a cultural fit for the company.
3What is the average duration of pre-employment screening?
Background checks can take different amounts of time, depending on the service you choose and the ease with which the information can be accessed. Most services can be completed instantly or within 24 to 72 hours.
4What are the costs of background checks?
There will be a different cost for each report based on the services provided. Our prices are competitive, even though customer service and satisfaction are of greater importance to us than many of our competitors. You should be charged only for the services you need and order, so all our pricing is à la carte, with no bundled packages.

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