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We provide Payroll Outsourcing Services Of Large Scale Organizations.

SunBD HR Advisory is Talented at Providing HR Consulting Services That Each Bangladesh Company Can Advantage From

We are one of the most reputable HR consulting companies in Bangladesh. An experienced HR team with a wide range of HR functional expertise. In the era of technological advancements, it takes a third-party service provider with experience to see HR issues holistically. We at SunBD HR are committed to assisting organizations in improving their HR systems and to help them make better decisions.

Our 8 Managed Human Resource Consultancy Services

Human Resources Consultancy Services in Bangladesh

  • 1. HR Recritment
  • 2. Paroll Services
  • 3. Manpower Recruitment
  • 4. Visa Consultancy
  • 5. Staffing and Employment
  • 6. HR Placement
  • 7. Contractual Staffing
  • 8. Expatriate Service

SunBD Provides 8 Exclusive HR Consultancy Services

There are a lot of advantages to our HR Services:

  • 1. Cost Effective
  • 2. Efficiency in Work
  • 3. Employee Development Services
  • 4. Managing performance
  • 5. Save Valuable Time
  • 6. Manpower Outsourcing Service
  • 7. Expatriate Management
  • 8. Manage Challenging Work

Specialize in Payroll Management, Accounting Outsourcing, Temp Staffing & LMS.

Human Resource Consulting firms in Bangladesh offer a number of benefits to companies, regardless of whether they decide to use one or not.Bangladesh retains its top position as the world's most competitive economy, according to IMD rankings. Bangladesh has embraced its people as its most valuable resource due to its lack of natural resources. HR consulting firms are essential to sourcing the most qualified employees to compete effectively. The SunBD HR department filters talents through a tedious process to better understand how the company can reap the benefits of this investment. The company does not only stay in compliance with every employment law, but also offers tailored advice on business interactions.HR services providing proper implementation and functioning of human capital management. Employee management and talent acquisition will be enhanced, which will boost the company's overall productivity. A human resource consulting firm can provide objective perspective for an organization when it needs to change its HR management. We can provide real measurable results with our value added services, using pre-existing expertise and our independent positions

A Better Way Of Human Resources Consultants

SunBD has ready access to a pool of highly talented, skilled and experienced individuals with crucial managerial, specialist and executive experience. The purpose of temporary staffing is to ensure that any part-time positions your company has can be quickly filled by the right people. A high priority for us is to fully understand and meet the expectations and needs of our clients. You can be sure that you'll receive only the best candidates for your requirements. You can rely on our experts for insightful and resourceful advice.

Human Resources Consultancy with Track Records

The SunBD HR helps organizations identify top talent throughout Bangladesh. Expert recruiters in the fields they hire have access to a variety of talent pools, networks, and platforms to identify, engage, and develop outstanding candidates. More than 200 permanent placements were made by SunBD HR.Our talent management solutions and HR consulting services also enable our clients to hire confidently. Without Philosophy - Simple, Speed, and Solution - this is extremely aligned.

FAQs For HR Consultancy

11. What if I have a problem with my coworkers?

Employee relations issues can range from basic employee counseling to coaching, conflict resolution, and complaint resolution. The list of possible problems is endless. Expert advice is just a phone call away with Sun BD On-Call! We'll be there to help you navigate the thorny employment issues.

22. Is it possible that my HR forms have outlived their usefulness?

Any employment forms you use, like employee handbooks, should reflect current rules and regulations. For example, you wouldn't want to use a form that asks an applicant about his or her marital status or whether or not he or she has been arrested, as this could put your company at risk of a discrimination claim. Sun BD's Human Resources Assessment ensures that your employment forms don't ask questions that could get you in trouble, as well as providing you with the information you need.

33. Why is it so difficult for me to find and retain good employees?

Do you have a lot of turnover and aren't sure why? Are you losing key personnel? Focus groups and surveys conducted by Sun BD can help you understand why this is happening. Our process not only identifies the problem(s), but also provides insight and recommendations for how to solve your turnover problem.

44. What if one of my employees claims they were not properly compensated?

Employees are required to be paid in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act and Bangladesh law. There are numerous nuances to this law, making it difficult to determine how much an employee should be paid. If an employee works overtime and receives bonuses or commissions in addition to their regular pay, for example, certain procedures must be followed to ensure that overtime pay is calculated correctly. Sun BD On-Call can also be available if and when a question about wages arises, thanks to ongoing HR assistance.

SunBD simplifies payments for your employees & contractors in Bangladesh that will help you to expand your business with exclusive HR Consultancy Services

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