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The SunBD market economy of Bangladesh is highly affected by executive search services. We are a recruitment consultancy in Bangladesh that places highly skilled individuals with a wide range of companies. Businesses rely on SunBD's specialised divisions for customised recruitment services and access to highly qualified talent for temporary, project and permanent placements. The SunBD market economy of Bangladesh is highly affected by executive search services.

Our goal is to provide genuine added value to our clients, using tools that enable us to operate as one global team. The strategy ensures quick access to expert knowledge, as well as the efficient use of best practices and faster research. We are able to source talent globally because of our efficient practice teams and seamless cross-border cooperation.

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Consulting Services
Our project consulting division, SunBD Management Resources, provides finance, accounting, and business system professionals on a project and interim basis.
Executive Search
We recruit executive level professionals with a diverse functional background and industry knowledge at SunBD Executive Search. The company employs financial, sales and marketing, HR, COOs, and CEOs.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services Will Help To Shield Your Business From Legal Risks, Regulatory Penalties, And Employee-Workplace.

The recruiters at our executive search firm have been the first choice of companies seeking C-level executives who are a perfect match for their company for more than 25 years. Our executive search solutions deliver unmatched results using the most advanced assessment methods. Our team helps you identify which candidates have the ideal skills and mindset for your company's culture as well as develop the compensation and retention framework to attract the best candidates. We have discovered that candidates hired using our assessments tend to be promoted eight times more frequently.

Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Services in Bangladesh

The SunBD Intelligence Cloud combines tools and analytics with market and industry knowledge to provide our global talent acquisition specialists with comprehensive solutions for every stage of the executive search process.

Attraction of Talent

Our medical expertise and scientific research will help you to recruit and retain the best people at every level of your organization. Our Experienced team help you as you need.

Outsourcing the Recruitment Process (RPO)

We offer RPO partnerships to reduce your hiring costs, speed up recruitment, and find quality candidates so you can grow quicker with a high-performing team of motivated professionals.

Career Search

We find and assess professionals in middle and upper management for one or more roles. We help you find the candidates who have the best chance of being a long-term fit for your business.

Recruiting For the Project

When you need to quickly fill a large number of roles, such as during a merger or acquisition, relocation, expansion, or to support a new product launch, we help you.

What Makes Us Pioneers In The Executive Recruiting Industry?

We help you find leaders who will fit your culture and suggest rewarding them in a way that will make them stay. Our executive recruiters have experience in industries like finance, life sciences, consumer products, healthcare, technology, and beyond. Read on for more.Our external search for leaders if they don't already exist in your business We utilize our extensive database of executives and large network of SunBD relationships to find candidates. Our next step is to put candidates through a blind screening to reduce unconscious bias.

Your organization's trajectory can drastically change if the right leader steps into the void at a key point in time. We know it's not enough to hire someone with the right experience when the stakes are so high. A successful candidate must also fit the culture and have the influence to rally the business around their vision.Our expertise helps some of the world's most iconic companies build successful, diverse senior leadership teams. We are able to execute a search with unusual speed, sophistication, and precision thanks to our relationship-based approach. We help clients reduce the size of the haystack and find the right fit using technology-enabled assessments. We also offer clients the consultative expertise they need to thrive long-term after a successful placement.

Frequently Asked Questions For Executive Search

1What are your executive search levels?
We usually work on searches for C-level or CXO executives all the way down to Vice President. As an example, we conduct searches for CTOs, CIOs, and CISOs, as well as Chief Architects. We also work at the levels of Executive Vice President (EVP), Senior Vice President (SVP), and Vice President (VP). We hire General Managers, Managing Directors, and Managing Partners at similar levels of management.
2What is the executive search timeline that has been kept?
Week 1: Every engagement begins with a Zoom meeting in which we gather critical information such as must-have and nice-to-have requirements, target companies, and off-limits companies. We also talk about search engine optimization. Week 2: We deliver an initial list of potential candidates and solicit feedback from our client in order to prioritize outreach and ensure that everyone is on the same page. We also start outreach and introduce candidates as they progress.Week 2+: The length of time it takes to hire a client varies depending on the client's interview and decision-making process. During the first or second month of a retained search engagement, we usually present the winning candidate. In some cases, we've been able to complete searches in as little as two weeks.
3What is your success rate in executive search?
Sun BD Executive Search is 100 percent effective. We've been in business for over 17 years and have never had a job go unfilled. We've seen searches disappear/or be put on hold while the CEO attends to other matters, such as a proxy fight, but The Good Search has never abandoned a project. And you shouldn't have to settle for anything less than a perfect score. An average of 40% of all retained search engagements in the executive search industry fail to complete. The investigative research expertise we use to reach far beyond the standard retained search firm networks to access the best and brightest executive candidates is something these other firms lack.
4What is the cost of an executive search?
The majority of traditional retained search firms charge a percentage fee of 30-33 percent of the candidate's first-year total cash compensation, which includes the base salary, signing bonus, and any other projected bonuses. Furthermore, they usually add another 5% in expenses on top of that. This percentage-based pricing creates a conflict of interest because it allows search firms to benefit by negotiating higher salaries for the executives they place than those executives would have accepted on their own. They charge an additional fee if you hire a second candidate from a retained search for a different position.Sun BD Executive Search, on the other hand, charges a flat fee based on the estimated work. As a result, you'll know exactly how much a search will cost before it begins. We also provide all of the research so that you can make additional hires at no extra charge.

The SunBD Team Serves Clients Best Executive Search Services

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