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Our goal is to deliver the highest standards of professional head hunting service for national and multinational companies in Bangladesh through a comprehensive approach to head hunting. SunBD offers job market-oriented trainings and prepares the best employees for its clients as a professional development company. The company also does head hunting for best-fit employees for leading companies in Bangladesh.

Our Premium Talent Sourcing & Head Hunting Services

The SunBD Group is a leader in executive search and management head hunting. The primary business of SunBD is to assist clients in building their human capital through a well-defined recruitment process as a value-added partner. The firm determines the skills and background required for a position based on the objectives of a client. Our firm adheres to the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality in head hunting. We identify and assess the candidates' relevant competencies using a systematic approach. We have experience in head hunting for local and different industries in our country. More than 150 organizations in our country have employed us for executive level and top management positions.

Take SunBD's Excellent 4 Head Hunting Services Easily

01. Recruiting

The Executive Search team at SunBD Consulting is among the largest, most stable, and best resourced in the region.

03. Analyzing the Market

The talent landscape is providing our clients with insights and hard data that help them make strategic hiring decisions.

02. Preferences

We at SunBD are uniquely qualified to provide "Selection" services to our clients due to our team size and experience.

04. The Interim Solution

Most of our clients find themselves in situations where they require the temporary services of a qualified professional.

Our Expertise In 3 Types Of Head Hunting Services

How Do Our Recruiter Roles Differ From Headhunter Roles?

If you are approached by headhunters, you are in the enviable position of being pre-selected for a particular position. Recruiters operate differently.Recruiters and headhunters can both successfully match candidates with jobs. The employer needs to choose the best recruitment method depending on the desired results. These are some of the key differences:

  • Recruiters advertise jobs and wait for candidates to contact them, or they approach a wide network of potential candidates. The headhunter approaches only a few candidates, and only those who match the brief.
  • It is common for recruiters to match their existing pool of candidates to open positions regardless of the sector or requirements. Headhunters instead focus on the role first and then scout for the best candidate for their client.
  • Headhunters need to be familiar with a client's specific market much more than traditional recruiters. Therefore, headhunters are more likely to focus on a single industry or subsector.

Get Our 5 Best Qualities Head Hunting Services For A Better Solution

  • 1. A deep understanding of individual industries and job requirements
  • 2. Having the ability to spot emerging talent and explement
  • 3. Excellent at analyzing job profiles and identifying skills in others
  • 4. Provide excellent people skills and experience
  • 5. We are passionate, drive, and perseverance
  • 6. Increases revenue and efficiency of your company.

The networking and people skills of today's headhunters have created a niche for them, making them highly sought after. They will already know what makes a candidate perfect for the role and are friendly and approachable. You should be wary if they appear pushy or unprepared when making contact with you.

Our Head Hunting Service Help You To Hire The Best Professionals Solution

The SunBD Head hunting team has a proven track record in locating professionals in key positions for a broad range of organizations. Our Bangladesh headhunter teams have worked with large organizations, multinationals, not-for-profits, and businesses across a wide range of industries.It may take hours, weeks, or even months to find skilled professionals in different functional areas with years of experience. Talent pools and networks can help you find the right candidates, but if you do not have them, you miss out. You will never have to worry about connecting with exceptional candidates when our Bangladesh headhunters are by your side. The team at SunBD Headhunters Bangladesh is composed of consultants with significant experience, training, and global market knowledge.Our Bangladesh headhunters have access to a large talent pool database, networks, and connections. The analysts are skilled at data mining, in-depth searches based on parameters and algorithms, and analysis. They considerably reduce the time spent searching for and selecting candidates. You might be seeking a team of surgeons or medical consultants, a team of microbiology researchers, a team of financial analysts, a team of teachers or a team of chief engineers, and our headhunters in Bangladesh will surely help you find candidates who meet all your needs.

Achieve Your Recruitment Goals With Our Top Class Headhunters Service

Our Bangladesh headhunters have over ten years of experience achieving challenging hiring objectives. You may be setting up a center of excellence at your company, or you may be seeking supervisors with doctorates in audiology for a special needs school. Our Bangladesh head hunting will assist you in finding professionals with niche qualifications and skills.

Our Headhunters In Bangladesh Provide The Following Services

Project Management Recruitment
Project Management Recruitment - In many industries, including architecture, engineering and construction, nuclear power and renewable energy, medical services, distribution and supply chain, online services, manufacturing, etc., organizations scale up and down existing projects or enter into temporary projects. Recruiting skilled candidates for specific tenures can be challenging, but not when you partner with our Bangladesh headhunter team.
You Can Rely On Us
You Can Rely On Us- We provide you with motivated candidates for vacancies that have not been filled for a long time. Our team has aided non-governmental organizations in finding researchers and social data analysts for their dream teams. Headhunters from our Bangladesh office have found top doctors, nutritionists, and nurses in remote areas. Our company has coordinated the connections between architectural firms and historians with vast knowledge about ancient monuments. We can help you meet any recruitment goals at your organization in Bangladesh.
IT Recruitment
IT Recruitment – We offer a wide range of IT recruitment solutions in Bangladesh, whether you are seeking manufacturing ERP system developers, AI developers, or automation specialists.
Remote Hiring
Remote Hiring– Our headhunters in Bangladesh assess, plan, coordinate, and deliver the best remote recruitment strategies.

Key Message of Head Hunting Services

Bangladesh's leading Search and Selection firm, SunBD Consulting, is headquartered in Bangladesh. We have the most experienced and largest consulting team in the Asean region. We serve many of the world's leading companies and financial institutions. We are committed to creating positive long-term outcomes for our clients and candidates alike. Resourcing is our core focus.
We are able to consistently deliver high quality services to our clients because of the following factors: 1. Belief 2. Energize 3. Reliability 4. Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions For Head Hunting Services

1How much does it cost to hire a headhunter?
Because this is a "service" provided by employment or staffing agencies, the answer is usually yes. Headhunting fees are frequently calculated as a percentage of the successful candidate's first-year salary. It is dependent on the organization. Typically, the percentage is broken down by the stage in which a successful candidate is recruited. A headhunter is only paid if and when he or she successfully finds and places a suitable candidate with the company (that hired the headhunter). The fee a headhunter receives is determined by the terms of the agreement between the headhunter (or agency) and the company. It should be noted that the candidate or job seeker does not pay the headhunter; rather, the company or organization that hired the headhunter is responsible for payment (unless of course the job seeker hired a headhunter).
2What are the advantages of hiring through head hunting?
Using headhunting to find candidates has a number of advantages. These are some of the advantages of choosing Sun BD: Finding a qualified candidate who possesses a specific set of skills Quickly locating a suitable candidate During the recruiting process, time is saved. Recruiting the best and brightest candidates Access to a larger talent pool and candidate pool
3When do I need to hire a Sun BD's headhunter service?
This is dependent on your company's requirements. You should learn more about Sun BD headhunter's approach, network, fees, successful placements, and testimonials before hiring Us. After doing your research, you may discover that a headhunter is most useful when you need a specific talent that has proven difficult to find or when you need to bring a candidate on board quickly.
4What is the procedure for head hunting?
To fill an executive tier or corner office position, top management or board members usually conduct headhunting. The positions are difficult to fill and typically necessitate that the candidate be highly skilled or at the pinnacle of his profession. They hire for a variety of positions, and the skills often overlap.

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