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PEO Onboarding as Employer of Records Services In Bangladesh

Employer of Record (EOR) - International Dedicated PEO service from onboarding to off-boardin as a part of Bangladesh Hiring & Recruitment Outsourcing solutions.

It is important to understand what truly matters to people in order to provide them with a rewarding employee experience. The right HR strategy can be a great asset, and the right consultancy can take you to the next level. At Liberte, we understand your goals and provide you with customised solutions that can help you achieve the best results for your business in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is seeing an increase in the market for HR Consultancy Services. It had not always been like this. A lot of companies compromised their HR functions during the crisis years. It was only after 2011 that the market for HR consultancy services began to recover as companies finally realized its importance. Human resource consultancy, also known as human resource advisory, is tasked with implementing new policies and procedures which increase the efficiency of HR operations of a firm. Our HR Consultancy Services include designing new policies and implementing them, developing human capital strategies, and providing consulting.The need for HR consultancies has increased due to the continued mismatch on the labor market. HR consultants' roles have been made even more critical because of changing trends in human capital, including diversity, an aging workforce, and a lack of updated skills.

We Offer 6 Well-classified HR Consultancy Services For You

Employer of Record (EOR) - Dedicated PEO Services in Bangladesh.

SunBD is best known as a provider of HR Consultancy and Recruitment Services for technical and professional roles. We have had extensive experience in providing high volume temporary solutions, providing both on-site management support and skilled, Semiskilled and Unskilled workers. We provide tailored HR Consultancy Services to both start-ups and large corporations, working with both on–site on developing strategies and just as important implementing them. You can rely on us to adapt to changing needs, providing the right support when and where you need it.

  • Developing HR strategies
  • Planning human resources
  • Recruiting
  • Procedures and policies
  • Salary and benefits
  • Experienced team

We Offer a Wide Range Of Exclusive HR Consultancy Services

An organization's most important resource is its employees, who devote a significant portion of their day to contributing to its success. The goal of Human Capital Management is to hire, manage, train and retain talented and high performing employees. SunBD has a team of HR Auditors who can conduct an Employment Standards Compliance Audit with organisations to minimize the risk of non-compliance and improve their employment practices, aligned with local regulations and best practices.SunBD Human Capital Solutions Team is committed to improving efficiency through better use of human capital and enabling organizations to achieve their strategic and competitive objectives. Our Advisory and HR Consultancy Services span a wide range of HR areas on a project or retainer basis focusing on:

  • Handbook for Employees / Employment Contract
  • HR Policies and Procedures Compliance Review
  • Resource Management / Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Management of Compensation & Benefits / Rewards & Recognition
  • Performance management and employee coaching
  • Communication & Engagement with Employees
  • Organisational Climate Survey/Employee Satisfaction Survey
  • Change Management / Organisational Development
  • Learning and Development Strategy and Implementation
  • Development & Coaching for Leadership
  • Managing talent and succession / Career Coaching & Development
  • Human Resources/Employee Grievance Handling

We offer Shared HR solutions, Vendor management, Employee Benefits management

Offering Amazing PEO Services in Global Employment

SunBD HR Consultancy Services provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization across a broad spectrum of HR disciplines. We deliver HR Consultancy Services based on timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results. Here are a few reasons to choose SunBD consulting:

  • You get what you need.
  • We take the time to get to know your business
  • We start with the end in mind.
  • Our communications are professional and easy to understand.

Helping with FAQs on HR Consultancy

1What are the areas of compliance with which I should be most concerned today?
The COVID-19 pandemic is the most pressing concern right now, and how it will affect your business in 2021 and beyond. At the national level, changes are almost daily in terms of unemployment benefits, healthy but fearful workers, ill workers, and staying informed about new programs. You must ensure that your programs are up to date and that your employees are properly informed. Employee file and retention compliance, changing benefit administration avenues, and best practice initiatives to retain employees are all high-interest areas outside of the pandemic.
2 What does the HR Consulting Audit entail, and how valuable is it?
It's a comprehensive review of your company's payroll, benefits, safety, and administrative policies and procedures. Compliance comes first, followed by recommendations for best practices. As a result of the audit, you will receive a detailed report, compliance recommendations, and significant resources from our HR library of materials that have been customized and tailored to your company. We can assist you in developing a customized approach to help you with tactical/administrative HR tasks as well as assisting your organization in becoming more self-sufficient in areas where you may not have previously felt comfortable.
3What can we do to lower our turnover rate?
Hire the right people, provide them with the tools they need to do their jobs, and treat them with respect. It's crucial to communicate. Employees leave for a variety of reasons, including a lack of engagement and respect.
4Who should have access to an employee file and what should be kept in it?
Performance appraisals, disciplinary and training records, as well as their initial application and new hire documents, have all been shared with them. Access should be restricted to those who have a "need to know" basis. The Employee file should not contain any medical information.

We Assist clients To Develop & Streamline The HR policies Of Their Firms

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