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We Are Very Professional For Outsourcing Service In Bangladesh

Simplify compliance, mitigate risk and prepare for growth with a managed payroll outsourcing solution. We came up with the cloud payroll solutions for any company looking for payroll outsourcing services.payroll outsourcing solutions tailored to your business goals, size of business, and location. SunBD team ensures that all the tasks given by the clients are handled by professionals at an affordable price. It's another sector that SunBD proved their ability in. SunBD is a top notch firm to complete the required tasks for their client and to their content.

SunBD is The No.#1 Offshore Service Provider in Bangladesh

SunBD offers business support services with a strong team of experienced persons who are determined to bring efficient solutions for better productivity in a business. We help to manage a wide range of works from infrastructure to software development and maintenance. We also help the companies in cutting down the cost and improve their cost efficiency.
We have been helping companies from almost any sector with our extraordinary team of outsourcing services, latest equipment, and expertise to ensure a boost in sales. SunBD adheres to the needs and inquiries during work. Our SunBD team are very experienced in outsourcing services. Come to us and easily complete your business.

Payroll Outsourcing Services With SunBD Is Affordable And Comparatively Better That Any Other Offshore Company.

Frequently Asked Questions

1Can I interview my representative before hiring?

Sure. We can either schedule a meeting or else you can trust our expertise in leaving the process to us.

2Can I swap if I am not happy with the person I am working with?

It is a rare situation as we work with a strong team determined to give you full satisfaction. But , if you are not happy, please feel free to contact our customer support team, and measures will be taken to assure your satisfaction.

3Are your services cost effective?

SunBD offers a cost effective solution to everything in an efficient way, thus reducing the expenses in every way possible.

4Do you sign non-disclosure agreements and SLAs?

Yes, we do. To ensure anxiety free outsourcing for our clients, we sign non-disclosure agreements, and service level agreements in SunBD.

SunBD is Leading HR & Payroll Outsourcing Company in Bangladesh; Specialize in Payroll Management, Accounting Outsourcing, Temp Staffing & LMS. We Assist You Expanding Your Business With Our Outsourcing Services

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