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Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Services maximize your ability to ingest, evaluate, and use threat intelligence to safeguard the business by designing and building cyber threat intelligence (CTI) procedures and solutions within your security operations. Our services concentrate on the strategic planning, threat messaging, technical solutions, and workforce experience needed to operate an intelligence-driven cyber security program. SunBD member firms aim to discover innovative, creative, and forward-thinking methods to break through complexity and address cyber security concerns as trusted advisors to many significant organizations and industries around the world.

Why Our Cyber Threat Intelligence Services Is The Best Option For You?

Proactive Security

The strategic, operational, and technical reporting and warnings provided by SunBD.When a network abnormality is detected and your security team is notified.

Threat Assessment

Create a baseline threat profile that covers the motivations, intents, and capabilities of threat actors posing a threat to your company.A cyber threat is the ultimate result of a cyber threat.

Be Well-Informed

An intuitive web interface makes reports, alerts, feeds and rules instantly available, structured, and searchable.It can be blocked quickly on all networks around the world.

Your Barriers

Incorporate real-time intelligence into enterprise systems. Assist in the optimization of current intelligence and security operations centers.

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Core Benefits Of Our Security Threat Intelligence Services

You can use our Analyst service to get more information about dangers you're encountering or are interested in. The solution complements your existing expertise with SunBD’s unique knowledge and resources, adapting SunBD’s formidable threat intelligence and research capabilities to your specific needs and helping you to develop resilient defenses against threats aimed at your company.

Data Feeds on Threats

With our up-to-the-minute and immediately actionable cyber threat data, you can strengthen your existing security controls and forensic capabilities.


A threat intelligence platform that enables your security analysts to more effectively incorporate threat intelligence into their existing security operations workflows.

Intelligence Reporting by APT

Provides exclusive, proactive access to SunBD’s most recent investigations and insights, revealing the APT actors' strategies, tactics, and tools and generating report on quarterly basis.

Reporting on Financial Threat Intelligence

Focuses on attacks aimed at financial institutions, as well as tools created or sold by cybercriminals to attack banks, payment processing businesses, ATMs, and point-of-sale systems.

Intelligence on Digital Footprints

Our experts put together a complete picture of your current assault situation, detecting weak places ripe for exploitation and uncovering evidence of previous, current, and planned attacks.

Lookup a Threat

Allows for real-time search of hundreds of petabytes of threat data collected, categorized, and analyzed by SunBD over the years, offering worldwide visibility into threats and their linkages.

Sandbox for Clouds

Gain fast insight into the nature of any file, allowing for the accurate detection of previously unknown malware and, as a result, a quick response to data security problems.

Reporting by the ICS

Information about vulnerabilities uncovered in ICS products and underlying technology, as well as in-depth intelligence on cyberthreats affecting industrial businesses.

Why Choose Us For Cyber Threat Intelligence Services?

Our cyber threat intelligence services use cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to collect data throughout the global landscape of potential cyber threats, including existing and new threats and cybercrime actors. We use this information to deliver the most up-to-date information to organizations in order to help them prioritize security measures and remain on top of infections, frauds, and other cybercrime trends. Businesses can use our services in conjunction with vulnerability assessment services to acquire a holistic picture of internal security health and potential threats to business data and devices.


Traditional cyber threat intelligence management approaches aren't sustainable in today's cyber threat environment, as your firm has already realized. Your staff is strained by the manual work required to maintain spreadsheets and emails. Worse, it fails to provide the value you require from important data sources. You won't be able to get the information you need to respond quickly to threats unless you have solid, reliable intelligence.

FAQs For Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

1How does threat intelligence help us?

Threat intelligence is data-driven knowledge that is actionable and timely. It gives analysts the context they need to understand the goals, techniques, tools, and infrastructure of threat actors, allowing them to better avoid or mitigate assaults.

2What Sources Do Cyber Intelligence Analysts Use to Gather Information?

Cyber threat intelligence experts keep a close eye on both private and public sites to see what thieves are up to. Cyber intelligence analysts "hang out" in the digital underground, learning about criminal methods, just like an FBI agent may send someone to physically infiltrate a criminal group. Many online sites, marketplaces, and forums exist in the digital underground where criminals share information and techniques. The darknet, the deep web, hacker forums, social media sites, and text-sharing sites like Pastebin and Pastie are all examples of this.

3How Your Services Improve Our Security?

SunBD helps SOC teams by combining attack surface management, digital risk protection, and threat intelligence capabilities. With a big data-powered threat investigation module to assist in finding deeper context, real-time threat research, and analysis, we deliver actionable insights into potential cybersecurity threats.

4Can You Tell me About Your Services Purposes?

The goal of cyber threat intelligence is to assist institutions and organizations in comprehending the risks of cyber-attacks and cyber-threats. Zero-day attacks, crypto viruses, APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), botnets, and exploits are all examples of such attacks. These threats are reported together with intelligence operations and then examined by CTI analysts in order to provide special protective techniques to aid in active defense in your organization.

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