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4 Recommendation Letter Of The Employment Visa Issued By BIDA

An air ticket is a ticket or permit that a passenger must have in order to travel by plane from one location to another. It is a vital document that must be provided for important reasons. The plane ticket must be purchased for the entire round trip. Also, it must confirm the entire journey. After entering Bangladesh on a short visa, the expatriate must get a work permit from BIDA/BEPZA.

And, the employment visa have to last anywhere from one to two years.After that, an expatriate has to apply to the Department of Immigration and Passport (DIP) for a visa extension, along with all necessary documentation. The DIP can extend the employment visa for the full employment duration or a maximum of three years, however, after acquiring the security clearance and work permission.


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We are Experts in projects and similar organizations. Individuals working in local or foreign government and commercial organizations or other similar organizations. Bangladesh's Investment Development Authority (BIDA) has imposed a ban on low-skilled foreign workers being hired in the country's industrial and commercial firms.

The 4 Key Points For An Easy Employment Visa

1. Contract Documents

Contract papers are documents that outline the roles and responsibilities of the person to whom they are provided. The contract documents also include information such as the duration of the task and its legitimacy. It must be submitted in the following format:They must be received from the Bangladeshi organization.It must be unique and include specific information about both the employee and the employer.

2. A plane ticket

An air ticket is a ticket or permit that a passenger must have in order to travel by plane from one location to another.It is a vital document that must be provided for the stated reason.The plane ticket must be purchased for the entire round trip.It must be confirmed throughout the entire journey.

3. Approval From Immigration

An Approval from Immigration is a letter acquired from the appropriate foreign country's Immigration Department approving the traveller's visa application.It is a vital document that must be provided for the stated reason.At least a day or two before submission, the BOI letter should be faxed to the Bangladesh embassy/consulate.It must be authentic and have a stamp and signature.

4. Procedure for Submitting

In Bangladesh, obtaining a work permit is a pretty simple process. The application form can be found on the Bangladesh Department of Immigration and Passports' website. The applicant must print a copy of the completed online visa application form after filling it out and submitting it. Applicants should then travel to their country's Bangladeshi embassy or consulate, bringing the completed visa application form as well as all of the needed documents stated in the preceding section. The visa application fee is determined by the applicant's country of origin. Because a Bangladesh visa typically takes two weeks to process, applicants should plan ahead to ensure that they receive their visa in time to make travel plans and begin employment.

FAQs For Employment Visa

1In Bangladesh, how do you apply for a visa?
1st Step: Complete and submit the online visa application. 2 Step 2: Complete the form and print it. 3 Step 3: Take the printed form, along with the needed documents and proof of payment of visa fees, to the local Visa office.
2Is it possible for you to work as an expat in Bangladesh?
Only citizens of Bangladeshi-recognized nations are accepted for employment. Only industrial/commercial establishments that have been sanctioned/registered by the proper authority are considered for expatriate personnel employment.
3What are the prerequisites for obtaining a visa?
It must be valid for at least 6 months prior to the duration of the visit. It must be real and original. And it must have two blank pages for the visa stamp at the very least. It must not be torn, ripped, split, or otherwise damaged.
4What are the requirements for obtaining a work permit in Bangladesh?
For a new work permit, the following papers/documents are required: All of the documents mentioned in the second stage. Employee visa 'E' type attested photocopy of passport with arrival stamp Security clearance is the fifth step.

The employment visa is a work permit that enables an expatriate to take up employment with an organisation in Bangladesh.

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