Work Permit Processing help foreign nationals who wish to visit Bangladesh for business or work purpose. Although, foreign business travel is an unavoidable feature of modern company, it appears that visa laws and application processes are growing increasingly complex. Therefore, it can take a long time to work your way through these processes and procedures. As a result, so many of our corporate clients rely on us as their business travel partner. Because, we help them navigate the visa application process with our complete work permit processing service.

Visa Application

legal Compliance

E-Visa Requirement

Passport Submission

Work Visa Requirements Documentation For Expats In Bangladesh.

2 Current Images In PP Size (For All)

Monetary support $150.00 from a government-approved bank or three months' worth of bank statements (Till To Currant Date)

The latter is forwarded by the company (For Privet Service)

Visitor card for a business (For All Over)

Photocopies of trade license certificates (For Provider)

Visa processing takes 1 to 4 days.

A copy of an electric bill, a phone bill, a gas bill, or a nationality certificate (Last Moth Photocopy)

All documents come with two seats, one original and one photocopy, as well as a passport.

Authorization later to the embassy (I D Card/Visiting Card & Approved Signature On Passport)

Work Permit Application & E-Visa Job Extension Pre-Approval From Board Of Investment (BOI)

Our Team Will Help You Through The Complexity Of The Preparation And Submission Of Work Permit

  • Processing Period Time1 to 27 Weeks

    The most variable factor is the time it takes to process a work permit. The processing period for a Work Permit is entirely dependent on the completion of your application and the office where you apply. Work Permit processing can take anything from 1 to 27 weeks, according to our research.

  • Permit Processing Times1 to 16 Teeks

    Study Permit Processing Times, with part time work permits, are mostly determined by the applicant's country of residence. A study permit can take anything from 1 to 16 weeks to process.

  • Average Processing PeriodAnd 1 Year

    The average processing period for a citizenship grant is 12 months to a year. This means that it should take around a year from the time you submit your completed application to the time it is fully processed.

Expats Can Either Apply For A Work Permit From Within Bangladesh Or From Aabroad

Bangladeshi Work Permit

Every foreign national seeking employment in Bangladesh must obtain a work permit. Bangladesh has three government agencies that provide work permits.Outside of the Export Processing Zone (EPZ), for private sector industrial enterprises, branch offices, and liaison offices - Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).For foreign nationals working in the EPZ (Export Processing Zones Authority of Bangladesh) (BEPZA).NGO Affairs Bureau facilitates foreign national employment in any NGO.

Branch Offices

Liaison Offices

Bida Issued Work Permit

Private sector industrial businesses, branch offices, liaison/representative offices, and other entities that wish to employ foreign nationals must submit an application to BIDA in the authorized format. BIDA normally follows the following guidelines when issuing work permits:

Only citizens of Bangladeshi-recognized nations are accepted for employment.Only industrial/commercial establishments that have been sanctioned/registered by the proper authority are considered for expatriate personnel employment.Foreign nationals are typically considered for jobs where local specialists or technicians are unavailable.

Foreign employees should not account for more than 5% of total employees in the industrial sector and 20% in the commercial sector, including senior management staff.Any foreign national's employment is initially reviewed for a one-year period, which may be extended based on the merits of the case.

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The First Step Is To Publish A Newspaper Advertisement

For the recruiting, the employer must place an advertisement in the newspaper or on the internet. This criterion isn't always obligatory.

The Second Step Is To Submit An Application For An E Visa Recommendation

The local sponsor (Liaison/Branch Office or local company) will submit an online application to BIDA for the issue of an E visa recommendation in the desired foreign national's favor. For this application, the following documents are normally required:In the case of a locally incorporated company, a copy of the approval letter for the branch/liaison/representative office or the Memorandum of Articles of Association and Certificate of Incorporation.Board Resolution stating Expatriate Name, Nationality, and Passport Number for employment in a foreign country.

The Expatriate Is Photographed

Copy of the Expatriate's/Investor's/passport Employee's (Whole of the used part).For expatriates/investors, an appointment letter/transfer order/service contract or agreement is required.For employment, a certificate of all academic qualifications and professional experience is required.Paper clipping depicting an advertisement for local personnel recruiting prior to the appointment of the expatriateEncashment certificate of an inward remittance of at least $50,000.00 as an initial establishing cost for a branch, liaison, or representative office, as well as a locally incorporated/joint venture, or a company with 100 percent foreign ownership.Income tax clearance certificate that is current (Organization).Attachment of the company's comments in accordance with the remarks (If Any)

FAQ For Work Permit Proccessing

1How long would it take for my work permit application to be processed?
The length of time it takes to process your application depends on the type of application you submit. For both inside and outside applications, information on processing times is available online.
2What is an open work permit, and how does it operate?
An open work permit is one that is not tied to a specific employer. You will not require the following when applying for your work permit because it is not job-specific:1) A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Department of Employment and Social Development, or
2) Proof that an employer has submitted an offer of employment and paid the employer compliance fee through the Employer Portal.
3Is my work permit subject to any restrictions?
Some of your work permit's conditions will be written immediately on it. These may include the following:What kind of employment you can do, who you can work for, where you can work, and how long you can work are all factors to consider.
4Is it true that a work permit is no longer valid?
The work permit is only valid for the employer and employment that you specify in your decision for the first 24 months. If the company you work for changes its organization registration number, if you find a new employer or are given new job responsibilities, or if the working conditions change, your work permit will become invalid.

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